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6 Precious Metals Myths Gold & Silver Cynics Get DEAD Wrong

 Answering the Most Common and Current Objections

Gold attracts its fair share of detractors. But the most common objections to gold as money, and as a safe-haven asset within an investment portfolio, are misplaced. Anti-gold myths are ubiquitous.
Mega billionaire Warren Buffett remarked derisively of gold that it “gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again, and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility.”
That brings us to the first thing precious metals naysayers get wrong…

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Before You Get Excited About These Cash for Gold Ads, It Is Essential to Manage Your Expectations.

You may have a gold necklace that belonged to one of your great-grandmothers, but to the dealers you are trading in with, it’s just another gold necklace that might not even be genuine. These ornamental pieces hardly sell anything close to their initial price as well as their insurance value. As such, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to sell your gold jewelry especially if you are attached to it, unless you urgently need the cash, as there are no profits to be accrued. This is because the price you get for your piece takes into account a number of factors such as its rarity, beauty, and the place it was bought in the first place.

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Originally Posted Here: Before You Get Excited About These Cash for Gold Ads, It Is Essential to Manage Your Expectations.

Discovering Where You Can Buy Silver

If you have been thinking about where you can buy silver and you have been wondering where to start, here are a few suggestions.

Precious Metals Dealers

The most common place for people to go to buy silver is to a silver or coin dealer. Dealers can sell you silver and some may offer storage services to keep your silver and other precious metals safe. If you don’t have a fireproof safe, you should consider having the dealer store your silver for you until you can get one so that you can keep your silver safe at home.

Here is a good article on how to store your silver and keep it safe.

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Dealers can be a great source of information and a resource for high quality silver and other precious metals but you should do some homework and research various dealers before you purchase silver from one. Talk to the dealer and also get recommendations from friends, read online reviews, and try to find out if the dealer is reputable before you start buying the precious metals that the dealer has for sale. Some dealers will try to talk you into buying expensive collectibles and other items that aren’t a great investment for beginners if they know that you don’t have a lot of experience buying precious metals. Finding a good dealer is worth the extra time and effort.

Finding Precious Metals Online

There are a lot of precious metal and coin dealers online. Knowing where you can buy silver that is high quality online is very important if you want to buy online. There are some great deals to be found online if you know that you are buying from a dealer that you can trust. Going online to buy silver other precious metal can give you access to special coins and rare items that you wouldn’t be able to find locally. But you should be sure that the person you are buying from is trustworthy because it’s easy to get tricked into buying coins and other collectibles that aren’t what they seem when you’re buying online and don’t have the chance to physically see the item. When you’re buying online always ask to see detailed photographs or scans of whatever you are buying and make sure that you ask other investors who have worked with the dealer about their experiences. Reputable dealers will understand your concerns and be happy to provide references for you.

Whether you are buying from a local dealer or a dealer online you should be sure that you always buy from dealers who have clear policies and procedures spelled out in detail either on their websites or in their shops. This will help you be sure of what you are buying and will help protect you if there is a problem with a transaction or with something that you buy. Before you buy have a set amount that you are willing to invest and don’t go over that amount even if the dealer tries to talk to you into buying something else that is supposedly a great deal. After you have made a few purchases and worked with the dealer for a period of time you can feel more comfortable buying rare items or items that have higher premiums. Follow these tips and when someone asks you where you can buy silver, you will be able to recommend your dealer with confidence.

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